NHibernate 1.2.1

No último dia 26 saiu uma atualização do NHibernate…. não percam

Build 1.2.1

Bug Fixed:

    * [NH-111] - Oracle "Invalid identifier" exception
    * [NH-989] - Assemblies are not registered in the correct order
    * [NH-995] - Problem with CompositeId+"key-many-to-one"+Caching
    * [NH-999] - One Shot Delete doesn't work - and cause reference violations
    * [NH-1006] - Invalid SQL order generated by JetDriver
    * [NH-1011] - update=false attribute ignored
    * [NH-1012] - DetachedCriteria CreateAlias with joinType (new in1.2) is broken
    * [NH-1018] - 'DistinctRootEntity' result transformer throws InvalidCastException
    * [NH-1023] - using projections and transformer causes invalid column name when property and alias are the same
    * [NH-1039] - NullReferenceException  for dynamic-component containing a set
    * [NH-1061] - Schema name missing when quering for highest key value
    * [NH-1064] - wrong association owner when fetching eagerly
    * [NH-1068] - Typo in example-mappings.html
    * [NH-1086] - SerializationException when using MemCacheProvider as cache because some classes miss the SerializableAttribute.
    * [NH-1124] - Problem in NHibernate.Type.ComponentType.NullSafeSet
    * [NH-1155] - SubselectFetch doesn't take into account paging
    * [NH-1156] - MS2005Dialect doesn't handle same column & alias names correctly
    * [NH-1167] - SubCriteria.CreateCriteria(string associationPath, string alias, JoinType joinType) always uses JoinType.InnerJoin 


    * [NH-901] - ComponentType mappings for with value types (structs) cause incorrect dirty checking
    * [NH-1049] - classes which inherit Order can't override ToSqlString

New Features:

    * [NH-1022] - Add command batching support for OracleClient driver

Patches Applied:

    * [NH-585] - Unknown version when using replicate and joined-subclass
    * [NH-903] - IQuery.SetFirstResult and SetMaxResults break in MsSql2005Dialect for ISQLQuery using WITH keyword
    * [NH-990] - Abstract CurrentSessionContext management and add more implementations
    * [NH-1014] - NHibernate Cross Join Syntax Causes Issues With SQL Server 2000/2005
    * [NH-1054] - Add hibernate.transaction.factory_class setting
    * [NH-1056] - Command batching support for OracleDataClientDriver
    * [NH-1076] - Sybase11 Dialect
    * [NH-1080] - HQL parser incorrectly registers a many-to-one association as a one-to-one.
    * [NH-1119] - valuetypes in uniqueresult<T> give an error when query result is null
    * [NH-1160] - Parameter compatibility problem in cached Sql command.
    * [NH-1193] - Limit string in MsSql2005 dialect can sort incorrectly on machines with multiple processors

Task Completed:

    * [NH-1002] - Document undocumented configuration properties
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